Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sydney Workshop "Introduction to Dependency-Oriented Thinking" Held

After weeks of hectic preparation, Rahul Singh and I held our long-awaited workshop today on "Dependency-Oriented Thinking", comprising all-new material from my recent document "Dependency-Oriented Thinking: Vol 1 - Analysis and Design".

Somewhat disappointingly, we only had three signed-up participants, but the numbers only tell half the story. Only one of the three was from Sydney. One flew in from Melbourne the night before, and another got up at 4 am to make the 3+ hour drive from Canberra to Sydney. With such determination on their part, I just had to do my best, and I hope they were happy with the workshop. They certainly expressed satisfaction on their feedback forms :-).

The slides are now available on Slideshare. If anyone was put off from reading the original document on account of its size (264 pages), they could go through this slide pack instead (only 220 slides, heh).

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