Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sydney Workshop On Dependency-Oriented Thinking (Saturday Feb 15, 2014)

Well, it's time to road-test my SOA method "Dependency-Oriented Thinking". I released the two DOT documents before Christmas, Volume 1 on Analysis and Design and Volume 2 on Governance and Management. Now, Rahul Singh and I are conducting an all-day workshop to provide a more interactive instruction into the Analysis and Design aspects of the method. It'll be on Saturday the 15th of February, 2014.

The course fees are $450 plus GST for the all-day program. There's an early bird price of $400 plus GST for those who register on or before the 3rd of Feb.

You can download the workshop brochure and schedule here: http://slidesha.re/1j59nqK

If you're a Sydney-based business analyst, solution architect or senior designer, you may be interested in this workshop. My objective is to make IT professionals more effective by helping them think more powerfully about complex, inter-connected systems. Dependency-Oriented Thinking is just structured common sense, but it doesn't come naturally. It needs to be taught, and it requires practice before it can become second nature.

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