Monday, March 19, 2012

Identity Management on a Shoestring - eBook Published by InfoQ Today

I've written before about the white paper on Identity Management that I co-authored with Umesh Rajbhandari. We have been in discussions with InfoQ about publishing it as an eBook, and after a long edit process (mainly due to delays from my side), this has finally made its appearance.

Anyone interested can download the PDF here after (free) registration.

According to the publishing agreement, we have to point back to the InfoQ site for the soft copy, so I have removed all links from my blog to the original site where I had hosted the white paper. The latest version has some additional material that wasn't in the original white paper, so it makes more sense to go to the InfoQ site in any case.

I hope this book will prove useful to practitioners embarking on implementing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system for their organisations. We believe we have pioneered a loosely-coupled approach to IAM that is unique and delivers significant benefits compared to off-the-shelf commercial alternatives, and we call this LIMA (Lightweight/Low-cost/Loosely-coupled Identity Management Architecture).


amw said...

Great book! We are reviewing our own implementation and are referencing your e-book as we go along.

It is interesting that we arrived at many of the same solutions. Custom over COTS, emphasis on incremental development - even our data models are similar!

Mike Waddingham, PMP
mike [at] codetechnology [dot] ca
Twitter: @codetechnology

Ganesh Prasad said...

Great to know. Thanks for the feedback, Mike.