Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stay Tight on Loose Coupling

My Guest View was published on SD Times. This is based on the points covered in the white paper Practical SOA for the Solution Architect.


Usha Yedla said...


The 3 components that are listed in this article are the ones in an ESB. So is ESB not doing what we need in SOA? I am just wondering on your other article where you pointed that ESB is for 'Middle Ages' and not 'Modern Age'


Ganesh Prasad said...

Hi Usha,

If by the 3 components you mean the Service Container, the Broker and the Process Coordinator, then only the Broker represents the ESB. The Service Container could be an App Server and the Process Coordinator could be a BPEL Engine. We would not use an ESB for either of these functions.

I believe ESB has a place, but not at the "centre" of the enterprise. We need to sprinkle them around the periphery as "domain adapters" closer to endpoints. There is no centre, and it resembles a cloud.