Monday, August 02, 2010

HereDo - An Idea for a Mobile App

I don't know if this has been thought of before, but it's an app I would appreciate.

I enter a list of tasks into my mobile device, along with a hint as to where I need to do them (e.g., I need to buy a bicycle pump the next time I pass by the cycle shop near my iridologist's clinic). When I next go to my iridologist, my GPS-smart device gives me a friendly reminder to buy the pump.

Places need not be exclusive. "Outside" could be a place that includes all places outside. My device can then show me a list of all the things I can do when I step outside the house.

Urgency and radius may also be parameters. When I step outside, I would appreciate being reminded to do the urgent things first. If I'm driving past a friend's suburb, I would appreciate a reminder to pick up that DVD he'd promised to lend me, if it's not too much of a detour.

I think of HereDo as a short form for "What can I do now that I'm here?"

The number of times I've cursed myself thinking, "I was there just this morning! I should have done XYZ when I was there!" means this will be a very useful app.


Ivan Zuzak said...

Great idea! I googled it and it seems that people have though of it before [1] and that an app exists that implements it [2].



Ganesh Prasad said...

What can I say? Time-travellers stole my idea ;-).


Ivan Zuzak said...

Damn time travelers putting us down again!

Still, that's a brilliant idea that you had. Please have more :)

Todd I. Stark said...

This is a great idea and it has not yet been exhausted just because a few variations have been thought of.

Another interesting related app version is "LifeBalance" which lets you categorize tasks by the sorts of places you are likely to do them in. Then when you are in a given type of place, you set the category to that place and it shows you candidates for the tasks you can do there. It does some interesting things with dynamic priorities as well. I used it in the past on my Palm years ago but haven't tried it recently.

caelyx said...

Have you tried OmniFocus on iPhone?
It allows you to attach a location (or even a Google Maps search term) to a context, helping you make those actions visible based on your current location.