Monday, November 16, 2009

Spring Roo Makes a Quiet Debut

This has always been the Holy Grail (pun definitely intended!): To design an application using just object-orientation as the paradigm, and to have persistence, a service interface and a sensible user interface all generated for you automatically. In other words, just define the core behaviour of the application's objects, and you have a working web application with non-visual service interfaces to boot. This is the Domain-Driven Design dream (DDDD?)

Spring Roo has been talked about for a while, but Grails beat it to market. However, it's better late than never for the product from the SpringSource stables, and Release Candidate 3 is now available.

For a teaser on what Roo can do, see this video. It's a third-party video based on RC2 (and you'll see some syntax differences when you start to play with RC3), but the spirit is the same.

Exciting stuff!

Update 17/11/2009: I sent the video link to a friend and colleague for his feedback. He 's a senior architect and based on his experience, he believes Roo needs to provide an Eclipse-based graphical interface rather than (in addition to?) a command-line interface. With that, he believes it's a winner.

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