Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Home for SOFEA, Thin Server Architecture

Peter Svensson has set up a website where like-minded people can discuss the brave new world of applications whose common characteristic is that no aspect of presentation logic resides on the server side. I admit that's an overly broad-brush generalisation, and it will be necessary to read what the various authors of this camp have to say.

In addition to the SOFEA paper that Rajat Taneja, Vikrant Todankar and I co-wrote last year, the site has Peter's articles on The End of Web Frameworks I and II and Mario Valente's four articles 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The site is admittedly a bit rough round the edges at the moment, but we will be polishing it as the days go by, and we would welcome community feedback. For the moment, since the site itself has no comment facility, you may comment here, or send me a mail (g dot c dot prasad at gmail dot com).


Vishal Sharma said...

Hi Ganesh,
Few things it looks like site is hosted at google pages.Its btter to use the googles newly launched wiki known as sites, its really good to work and collaboarte and can usee all the widgets availabe for google to integrate with wiki.

If you wnatto se how it is bein used by us i can give you a guest for some time.
Also i would like to have an email based interview in J2EE and SOA technology stack and the innovation coming out in this area.
Please let me know if you are interested.

BTW: yr whitepapers are quite useful and is in application at -

justin meyer said...

I would be very interested in joining this group. I work on JavaScriptMVC, a JavaScript library built for specifically this purpose.

Ganesh Prasad said...


That's terrific, and you're exactly the kind of membership we would like to attract! I'll talk to Peter Svensson about getting you admitted, as he has admin rights to the site.


Peter Svensson said...

Hi Justin.
Could you email me your email, so I can add you to our site? :)


Bruno Vernay said...

Should put your blog :
and the infoQ article ( in the article section, no ?
And most important : choose a name : either SOFEA, SOUI or TSA. Remember what happened with "AJAX".