Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Settling Some Accounts with REST Advocates

(Couldn't resist a cheeky title again, although in deference to those who find the term RESTafarian trivialising, I won't use it this time.)

Stu Charlton posted a lengthy "rebuttal" to my post on "Paying the RESTafarians Back in their Own Coin", and I've now answered his points. You may find that nothing he said really invalidated any of my points, and I think I may have unearthed a couple of his misconceptions around the application domain as well.

I must say that it appears people don't read what I have written carefully enough. They assume I'm saying something and then "refute" it. Others find such "refutations" convincing! Still others like to call me names without reading my post carefully and seeing that I haven't actually said a single negative thing about REST! (Now I'm being thin-skinned :-).

Anyway, I hope these points lay to rest (no pun intended) such arguments.

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