Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Domain-Driven Design Really Quickly

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) by Eric Evans is one of the hottest books going around at the moment in the software development community. I believe it’s a must-read for any serious application designer or architect.

This book is an important synthesis of good design practice evolved over many person-years of experience. At 576 pages, however, this is not exactly light reading, which prompted Abel Avram and Floyd Marinescu of InfoQ to produce "Domain-Driven Design Quickly" in about a hundred pages. While a godsend to the time-poor, this is still a significantly heavy document that would take a person 2 to 4 hours to read and comprehend. What developers need is a more gentle ramp-up into the book. Hence my effort to state the gist of the latter book in one page. I call it (what else?) Domain -Driven Design Really Quickly.

I don’t pretend that this one-page summary is a substitute for reading either book. I suggest reading this page first, then reading Abel and Floyd’s 100-pager, and then engaging Eric’s book itself. Each iteration will hopefully prepare you for the next without overwhelming your mind at any stage.

I apologise if I've omitted something really important in the process or put words into any author’s mouth that he didn’t intend. Let me know of any errors by leaving a comment here, and I'll put out a revised version.

There's also the DDD book by Jimmy Nilsson (Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns) which I recently bought but haven't read yet. Stay tuned and I'll post my thoughts on this book as well.

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